Daniel Manacher, Shwoopy Loops, 2013.

Call for Artists – Daniel Manacher Prize for Young Artists – Closed, winners announced

July 22 update: Winners have been selected, awards will be presented at the August 13 gallery opening reception. See more here.

About the contest:

The Sandisfield Arts Center is pleased to announce the Daniel Manacher Prize for Young Artists, submission deadline June 15, 2022. Three artists [...]

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Mr. Wonka and Charlie

The Thrill of Live Performance

The thrill of live performance! For many of us, there is nothing like it. Some of these become lifetime memories. We say, “I was there when...” and the sentence might continue with—

“...Jennifer Holiday sang ‘And I am telling you, I’m not going’ in ‘Dreamgirls’”

“...the original cast of the [...]

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SARC 2020 in Review: Online Workshops, Poetry, Art

For 2020, we'd planned a bang-up celebration season of our 25th anniversary... that, along with so much else, could not happen. Insread, we offered what we could online, fun and informative workshops for photographers and crossword puzzle fans, a film trailer by Jerry Herman for his film, "Our Town [...]

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