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2021: We're On!

We will definitely be seeing you, and you us, in 2021 -- first on Zoom, but then in person. Although there are still unknowns for our 2021 season, we are pleased to report what we know so far.

Please note: Some dates are set, others are still in the works, and a few details may change.

From [...]

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Mr. Wonka and Charlie

The Thrill of Live Performance

The thrill of live performance! For many of us, there is nothing like it. Some of these become lifetime memories. We say, “I was there when...” and the sentence might continue with—

“...Jennifer Holiday sang ‘And I am telling you, I’m not going’ in ‘Dreamgirls’”

“...the original cast of the [...]

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Val Coleman reads his poem on the history of the Arts Center

This short reading by Val of a poem he wrote in honor of the Sandisfield Arts Center for its 25th anniversary (2020) captures more than thousands of ordinary words could about what is so magical in this space.

Video by Peter Baiamonte.

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SARC 2020 in Review: Online Workshops, Poetry, Art

For 2020, we'd planned a bang-up celebration season of our 25th anniversary... that, along with so much else, could not happen. Insread, we offered what we could online, fun and informative workshops for photographers and crossword puzzle fans, a film trailer by Jerry Herman for his film, "Our Town [...]

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The Stamp Collection by Val Coleman

Val Coleman, Dear Friend, Author, and Sandisfield Arts Center Stalwart

December 21, 2020

This is just a short post to let our community know the sad news that yesterday morning December 20, 2020, we lost Val Coleman, who died after several days at Fairview Hospital after a fall.

As most of you know, Val was involved with the Arts Center from its beginnings, [...]

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About Us

In 1839, the Sandisfield Arts Center building began an 80+ year run as a Baptist meeting house, followed by another 75 as an Orthodox synagogue (the only known rural Orthodox synagogue on record in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts). In 1995, the building was reborn as a performing arts center.

Since that time, the Sandisfield Arts Center has evolved into a professional non-profit organization recognized by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the National Trust, and the public for our dedication to preserving this historically-important building and rehabilitating it for use as a performing arts center. In 2006, the building was accepted on the National Registry of Historic Places as “The Montville Baptist Church.” Visitors now come from all over Berkshire, Hampden & Litchfield Counties, as well as New York, Boston and Connecticut for our unique, quality performances.

The small-town, grass-roots commitment that gave birth to the Sandisfield Arts Center in 1995 is still present today, as the organization depends almost entirely on volunteers. These dedicated folks meet, administer, clean, bake, paint, host, donate and perform their way through tough economic times, long, cold winters, and all the challenges that small, non-profit arts organizations face on a daily basis. Please see our Volunteer page if you’d like to participate!