A charming venue in the hills of the southern Berkshires.

The historic Sandisfield Arts Center is home to a vibrant selection of performances, exhibits and workshops.

About Us

The Sandisfield Arts Center is managed by a volunteer board of directors assisted by additional volunteers and generous donors. For more information about our Board of Directors, please click here.

The Sandisfield Arts Center building (photo left, circa 1892) has an interesting history; in 1839 it began an 80+ year run as a baptist meeting house, another 75 as an orthodox synagogue (the only known rural orthodox synagogue on record in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts). In 1995 the building was reborn as a performing arts center. For the full story of how this came about, click here.

Since that time, the Sandisfield Arts Center has evolved into a professional non-profit organization recognized by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the National Trust and the public for our dedication to preserving this historically-important building and rehabilitating it for use as a performing arts center. In 2006, the building was accepted on the National Registry of Historic Places as "The Montville Baptist Church." Visitors now come from all over Berkshire, Hampden & Litchfield Counties, as well as New York, Boston and Connecticut for our unique, quality performances.

The small-town, grass-roots commitment that gave birth to SArC in 1995 is still present today, as the organization depends almost entirely on volunteers. These dedicated folks meet, administer, collate, clean, bake, paint, host, donate and perform their way through tough economic times, long, cold winters, and all the challenges that small, non-profit arts organizations face on a daily basis.

Equally impressive is the financial commitment our donors have made to saving this unique building and helping the Arts Center expand its programming each year.

Finally, SArC has helped bring various segments of the community together in the spirit of volunteering and in the enjoyment of the arts. Many weekend residents had owned homes in Sandisfield for over a decade without having met any of their full-time neighbors. Now, they serve side-by-side on volunteer committees. The Town of Sandisfield and all its civic groups have been very supportive and we are grateful for the variety of help we receive.

Color Photo by Richard Migot


Our Mission
To preserve
Our historic building
and provide cultural
and educational
programs for
our community


Sandisfield Arts Center
5 Hammertown Road
PO Box 31
Sandisfield, MA 01255

Sandisfield Arts Center

Our programs are supported, in part, by grants from the Sandisfield Cultural Council, Otis Cultural Council, New Marlborough Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council,the Monterey Cultural Council.

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