Daniel Manacher, Shwoopy Loops, 2013.

About the Daniel Manacher Prize for Young Artists and the 2022 and 2023 Recipients

The Daniel Manacher Prize for Young Artists was generously created by Adam Manacher and Carol Birnbaum, the parents of Daniel Manacher, in memory of their son and his passion for art. You can read about Daniel here.

Daniel Manacher’s parents, Carol Birnbaum and Adam Manacher, have described the intent of the prize:

“With this prize, we hope to carry forward values that were important to Daniel.  We are happy that the judges have found young artists who tenaciously pursue their vision, seek to make ordinary objects extraordinary, and bring community into conversation.”

Competitions have been held in 2022 and 2023, awarding $350 and participation in an Arts Center Gallery showing to each winner. Scroll down for eligibility requirements,

2024 Call for Artists details

2023 winner: Falcon Laina

Falcon Laina, whose work was shown in the Connected show this November. Falcon Laina is a rising senior pursuing a Bachelors in Visual Studies at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Focusing on scenes from their vivid dreams, Falcon’s work explores the eerie, otherworldly and horrific. By using slow and methodical techniques to bring these pieces to life, and by presenting a static and beautiful fine art object, they strive to take away its ability to jumpscare. Falcon’s drawings and sculptures often depict a monster which is made of both human and animal parts.

These embodiments of taboo and monstrosity are comments on their experience with gender queerness. By presenting these creatures as lovingly crafted creations, they hope to elicit a sense of curiosity and wonder in the viewer, and a greater respect for the mysterious.

Their website is https://www.falconlaina.com/.

2022 winners

Julia Rose Miner. Her website is https://juliarose.studio/

Natasha Wein. Her website is http://www.nweinart.com/

Alorah Welti

For 2022 artists’ statements and work, check out this page on the 2022 Gallery show https://sandisfieldartscenter.org/event/gallery-show-winners-of-the-daniel-manacher-young-artists-prize/.

Eligibility requirements

See the Call for Artists page for details on the 2024 competition.

Entry Requirements: Eligible artists are those 17-26 yrs of age living or attending school in Berkshire County. There is no fee associated with the application and all entrants will be judged based solely on the merit of the work presented.  We are asking that you provide us with the contact information for one reference. This should be a person who is familiar with your art practice.

Accepted Media: We are currently accepting applications from those working in painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, digital paintings, and digital drawings. We are unable to accept video, photography, or sound art at this time. Digital work must be able to be printed for display on a wall to be considered.

Work Size: No piece can exceed 60 inches in any direction, and sculptures must be under 60 lbs. Artists are responsible for all transportation of the work. All artwork must have been created in the past 3 years. Work needs to arrive at the gallery ready to hang. 

If any technical assistance due to lack of access to a computer, camera, or internet at home is needed to complete your application, please contact [email protected].

About Daniel Jacob Manacher, Artist