Jess Cofrin

Paintings by Jess Cofrin: Online Gallery Show

In 2021, Jess Cofrin’s gallery show, postponed from 2020, will be live and in person. In the meantime, here’s an online sampling of her work.

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Artist Statement: “I am an oil painter and printmaker exploring the psychology and physicality of being human. I use paint as my primary medium because the saturation of color helps convey the emotional feelings I put into the work. Color has long been a driving force in my pieces, and my interest in printmaking lies in the spontaneity and unpredictability of the medium. My current work explores what it means for a body to occupy space and how the body adapts to its surroundings. Sometimes the figure is present, and sometimes it is felt but not seen. When I became a mother, I had a more heightened sense of my relationship with the physical space around me. Sitting in dark rooms, my body no longer fully autonomous. Also, as a more general comment on human psychology: how does our self-perception affect how we occupy the space around us, and how does it affect our identity?”

Jess Cofrin received her BA in Art History from Cornell University before moving to London to pursue fine art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. She completed her MFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and London. She currently lives and works in Berkshire County.