Val in The Stamp Collection

Val Coleman, Playwright: “The Stamp Collection”

Val Coleman was not only a fine poet, writer, speaker, and historian, but also a playwright. In July of 2017 Val Coleman’s play “The Stamp Collection” was presented at the Arts Center by The Sandisfield Players, a highlight of the many fine and memorable Players productions.

Here’s what Val wrote about the play, from the program:

“When messing around in the theatre, starting in 1948, one of my secret wishes was put my own small town on the stage and let my neighbors take their bows. That included a marvelous assortment of farmers, firemen, barbers, undertakers, teachers, soda jerks, preachers and a couple of crooks. It was the pace that I wanted to capture — that soft, sweet slide of life in Coles County, Illinois where, believe it or not, Abe Lincoln grew up. When I left town to try to conquer the world, I looked back over my shoulder and told myself I’d be back … in Shirley Trimble’s antique shop and the hamburger joint run by Horse Caroll’s mother. And I did come back, thanks to Ben Luxon and the Sandisfield Players who, with all its calamities, put on The Stamp Collection.”

Here’s the piece from the Berkshire Edge on Val and the play (link), and below the PDF of Barbara Penn’s review from the August 2017 Sandisfield Times, with wonderful photographs by Alie Uzpervis and Peter Baiamonte. We hope to be able to post a recording of all or part of the play in the near future.

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