Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play

Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play featuring Joel Brown on Guitar, Peter Madcat Ruth on harmonica is (to quote the Los Angeles Times ) ”rollicking fun, led by bassist, trombonist and pianist Chris Brubeck the vocal trio stole the show with their flair and virtuosity!”  The group met decades ago when they [...]

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Linda Mironti and Brian De Lorenzo

Evening of Song Returns!

Join us for our festive opening, the return of the popular Evening of Song cabaret, with sensational music, Prosecco, and special desserts.

A perfect special night out for a Mother's Day eve celebration. You'll be treated to eclectic song selections from the great American songbook and jazz to [...]

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Chris Brubeck and Triple Play!

Back by popular demand, kicking off our fall season -- Chris Brubeck and Triple Play on our main stage! Triple Play has something for everyone with their crossover music blending jazz with blues and folk music.

About Chris Brubeck's Triple Play (from their website)

Triple Play is the name [...]

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An Evening of Jazz & Bossa Nova with Vita Kay

Vita grew up in a Soviet republic of Kazakhstan studying classical piano and singing Soviet pop and patriotic hymns.  She later sang in a variety of choirs, from classical to gospel, in Russia and UK. She got introduced to Jazz, Bossa Nova and traditional Indian call & response devotional [...]

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Stillinger Jazz

Bill Stillinger and the Sir William Trio

We're delighted to host the return of the popular and talented Bill Stillinger and his The Sir William Trio (double bass, piano, drums), a jazz group based in the CT and western MA area. The trio often performs with the addition of a singer and a horn player.

Their repertoire emphasizes classic [...]

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