SARC 2020 in Review: Online Workshops, Poetry, Art

For 2020, we’d planned a bang-up celebration season of our 25th anniversary… that, along with so much else, could not happen. Insread, we offered what we could online, fun and informative workshops for photographers and crossword puzzle fans, a film trailer by Jerry Herman for his film, “Our Town at the Minack” which was to be a highlight of the 2020 season, a charming interview with Jeewon Park, piano virtuoso we hope to have on the program for late 2021, inspiring poetry wonderfully read by our own Ben Luxon, and two online art shows in iieu of the real gallery shows we also hope to present late in 2021.

Of course, what we miss beyond words is seeing you in person, not just on Zoom–gathering for family films, art gallery openings, family cabaret, chamber music, inspiring talks. We have a lot in store for 2021, beginning as soon as conditions permit, probably late in the season for indoor events.

To read about the 2020 season that might have been, ciick here. We hope to present some of this as conditions permit in 2021.

Each of the events below also has its own post here on the website, but we wanted to bring them together for you as 2020 draws to a welcome close.

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Thad Kubis photography workshops

Mastering Your Camera, Part One: Controls

Mastering Your Camera, Part Two: Composition

Photographing Sunrises, Sunsets, and the Fall Colors of the Berkshires

Sharpen Your Pencils: Crossword Fun with Michelle Arnot


Interview with Pianist Jeewon Park, by Linda Mironti


Trailer by Jerry Herman for his film, “Our Town at the Minack”

Postponed from 2020, we hope will be shown in 2021


Benjamin Luxon reads Love Poetry

Benjamin Luxon reads “Giving Tuesday” poems

These are poems requested by our poetry-loving donors in the spring Giving Tuesday

Art – Virual shows

Created by Linda Mironti

Paintings by Jess Cofrin

Paintings by Susie Crofut