Mastering Your Camera Part One: Controls

Mastering Your Camera, Part One: Controls -Watch the replay!

Master photographer Thad Kubis gave his live Zoom workshop on June 13 explaining all those mysterious and multifarious controls on your camera, whether it’s a DSLR, smartphone, tablet, Apple or Android, even a regular old and beloved manual SLR.

With good questions from the participants, and a whiteboard as Thad explains each control, plus photo examples near the end, this is a must-see for anyone wanting to get the most out of their camera. Did you know you could do 3 inch close-ups with almost any digital camera? Set the ISO film speed on your digital device? Stop motion or time-lapse the opening of a flower (or a plant in that garden you just put in)?

The meeting host (me) could have used a lesson in Zoom controls at the beginning of the meeting (what you see as a Zoom host is NOT what you get in a recording) but that gets corrected fairly quickly.

Thanks again to Thad and to the participants for their engagement and great questions! You can still register for the second session, Composition (putting those controls to work in the service of art) on July 11: Mastering Your Camera, Part Two: Composition – Live Zoom Event