Season opening postponed until June, earliest

March 26, 2020 – Sandisfield, MA

Just a few months ago we were looking forward to a bang-up 25th anniversary 2020 season. You can see the array of programs and workshops and free events on the Events menu.

Then a few weeks ago, we thought we’d have to make hard decisions about what programs to hold, what to cancel, how to sanitize the center, how many people to admit to an event. We even set up a Health Team including a local doctor to advise us.

Now, we are all looking at very different decision factors for the coming months.

For at least until the end of May, the decision is disappointing but obvious: Social distance, the health of all in our community, and consideration for artists and performers means that we are suspending our progams and our opening at least until June. Most other organizations in Berkshire County are doing the same, in keeping with the advice of national experts predicting the crest is still many weeks ahead. This means canceling the April 25 Earth Day Celebration and canceling or postponing May events like the Family Cabaret.

But even with a delayed season, the Arts Center is committed to its role in the community and to our mission to take good care of our historic building and improve our capacity to deliver interesting and varied programs. So while our doors are closed, here’s a few ideas for what we will be doing:

  •  Invest in minor building improvements, consistent with the health of any workers, and cleaning up things like mailing lists, online files, and the other administrative chores that can be done at home
  • Time and technology permitting, put some content on the website, such as Poetry Pharmacy poetry readings. The Earth Day team plans to post some activities and games for people to do at home or even in small teams in the community.

We know that we need art – music, visual arts, performance art, literature – more than ever at a time like this. Until we get some of our own content posted, here is something from students at the Berklee College of Music, recorded from their homes, and produced through sheer genius by a student named Shelbie Rassler.