Soil and Shul in the Berkshires


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The product of years of research, Soil and Shul in the Berkshires: The Untold Story of Sandisfield’s Jewish Farm Colony is a definitive account of the Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who were resettled on farms in and near Sandisfield by the Jewish Agricultural Aid Society in the early 1900s.

This limited edition by author Lorraine German covers in 250 pages social, religious and economic life and much more about these families in that era. Over 100 early photos and many anecdotal accounts from the period offer lively, entertaining reading.

Soil and Shul is a high quality keepsake for anyone with family connections to the area as well as Berkshires history enthusiasts and students of Jewish-American history. Expanded bibliography with meticulous sourcing will be essential to any scholarly collection including regional libraries, historical societies and Jewish cultural organizations.

The book is available for $25 from the author. To order a copy, please contact Steve and Lorraine German at [email protected].

We celebrated the publication of the book with author Lorraine German and music by Klezmer East on September 29, 2018,