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Date: 29th Aug 2015 04:00 PM

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Jo Garfield on the Roosevelts in Sandisfield

The Roosevelt family has long fascinated Americans, but many people are unaware that one branch lived quietly in Sandisfield for many years. Now, author Jo (Johanna) Garfield, will read from her memoir about her former neighbors--Teddy’s grandson Willard, his wife Carol, their children, and the many other friends and relatives that comprised  “the mysterious, ever-intriguing household down the road from us.” She also tells of her family’s long and intimate friendship with them and of the dynastic tragedies that brought it to a close over thirty years ago.

Jo is a Sandisfield and New York City writer who has written two books (The Life of a Real Girl and Cousins) and numerous published essays (The New York Times, The New York Observer, Readers’s Digest, Ms., The Sandisfield Times, and many others). Her parents bought the home on Fox Road that later abutted the Roosevelts. 

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