A charming venue in the hills of the southern Berkshires.

The historic Sandisfield Arts Center is home to a vibrant selection of performances, exhibits and workshops.

Special Event

Date: 9th Dec 2018 02:00 PM

Price for Adults: $10.00

Price for Children: $5.00

Yuletide Extravaganza

Enjoy a celebration of Yuletide, as the Arts Center presents a variety of performances in the spirit of this festive season.  The program will include offerings from the Sandisfield Players, the local Sandisfield choir and other special performances.

Adult price reduced to $10. Child price is for children 12 or under.

Our December 8 and December 9 Yuletide events are the last events of the Sandisfield Arts Center season! 

Partially funded with a Festival Grant through the Massachusetts Cultural Council.



Sandisfield Arts Center

Our programs are supported, in part, by grants from the Sandisfield Cultural Council, Otis Cultural Council, New Marlborough Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council,the Monterey Cultural Council.

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