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Gallery of Artists Setsuko Winchester

In the Gallery: SEPT 2 - 25, Setsuko Winchester

Opening Reception : 2nd Sep 2017 02:00 PM
Date of Show : 2nd Sep 2017 - 25th Sep 2017

 Lecture by the artist at 3 PM

Photos from the Freedom from Fear/Yellow Bowl Project will be part of the Photography Exhibition for the 75th Anniversary of FDR’s signing of Executive Order 9066 at the FDR Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY (Feb. 19 – Dec. 31, 2017). Setsuko Winchester, born in New York City of Japanese immigrant parents, worked as a journalist, editor and producer at NPR on shows like Morning Edition and Talk of the Nation before moving to Western Massachusetts in 2006 to pursue a life-long interest in ceramics and the visual arts. She also helped start the local newspaper, The Sandisfield Times and contributed as managing editor and staff photographer. In 2015 those interests of art and journalism converged in a work called the Freedom From Fear/Yellow Bowl Project as a means of telling a story through clay. The story is first and foremost a personal journey of discovery, second, a journey into American history and third, a physical odyssey that included two epic trips covering over 16,000 miles across the US to some of the most remote parts of the country where 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry were once imprisoned during World War II.

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