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Gallery of Artists Barbara Elton and Lucinda Shmulsky

Bits and Pieces works by Barbara Elton and Lucinda Shmulsky

Opening Reception : 3rd Oct 2015 02:00 PM
Date of Show : 3rd Oct 2015 - 30th Nov -0001

Lucinda Shmulsky collects pieces of distressed wood, rusty tools, broken antiques and vintage silver and brass items and combines them in unique ways to preserve and extend their life in her collection of "Antiques & Assemblages." Each assemblage has a focus or theme and parts are carefully selected to enhance that theme. Reflection and discernment guide this process, so others can discover the natural beauty and charm of our New England heritage as it emanates from these unique sculptures.

Lucinda resides in New Marlborough.

Artist Barbara Steen-Elton (MFA in Painting) divides her time between Sandisfield and Boston making quilts of all sizes. She uses mens shirts to fabricate wall hangings by deconstructing the quilt. Her title, Quilts Interrupted”, originates from a time when Barbara did paintings of shirts in dry pastel. Attracted to plaids and stripes and entranced with negative and positive space, Barbara made huge pastel drawings with lots of stripes and plaids. Years later, when confronted with carpal tunnel syndrome and unable to draw, she discovered a new medium: quilts.

After seven years of making bed size quilts and actually using them, Barbara senses more creative energy flowing from the parts of partially made quilts while being assembled on a wall. Energized by the space between the pieces of fabric, she works this new process by leaving spaces blank and seeing where that leads.

Im slightly appalled that Im framing my art work again rather than making useful pieces, but thats where the process has taken me.

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