We Fix It Every 174 Years!

We Fix It Every 174 Years!

The Arts Center Gets Spiffed Up

“Find out what people are good at, then get out of their way”. Not the most sophisticated management philosophy but here in Sandisfield it works like a charm.  As the Arts Center gets ready to open it’s doors for the 2013 season, our team of volunteers and contractors are all working in harmony to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

The Baptists parishioners who crafted our building would be proud. Local artists have picked paint colors, volunteers have unpacked trucks and a handy husband created a storage area behind a hollow wall. Local architect Nick Elton is the ringmaster directing the bending of steel, fixing of floors, lift installation and vestibule construction, all without charging us a dime!

And Val Coleman is my hero.  At least once each day Val treks down to the Arts Center from his cozy cabin and reports in on the activities of each worker. Who showed up to work, what they’re doing and why. How much the electrician is charging and why isn’t the steel here yet? Val sends off his daily epistle filled with praise and vitriol, keeping us all informed and chuckling. In an act of solidarity, Val even painted a pew!

Meanwhile, Susie Crofut and I are diligently trying to raise the funds to pay for it all.  So many have been generous, some with time and some with money.  We still have a gap that needs to be filled. So if you can help, we’d be very grateful. As the saying goes, “Don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good”!

So why are we doing all of this? My vision for the Sandisfield Arts Center harkens back to those wonderful Synagogue members and Arts Center founders who came up with a way to save our historic building while providing a special place for the community to come together. The Arts Center is rich with history. It is a place for the community to meet, relax, learn, be entertained and grow closer. The Arts Center is not just for a few, it’s for everyone.

So, this year when we honor our Local Heroes we’ll be throwing a party. We’re holding a dance that is free for Sandisfield residents.  We’re trying to include programming that attracts a wider audience and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

And what else can happen at the Arts Center as a result of our latest renovations? Weddings? Town Meeting? Private Parties? There is no limit. Now that we’ll be handicap accessible and have flexible space, comfortable seating and a strong and beautiful finished floor in our hall, it will be exciting to see how this wonderful building will be used by our town folks in the years to come.

So pick up a program at the Library or Post Office, take a peak at our new web site where tickets are available and if you can, send a check. We’ll put it to good use!

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